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No one can ever accuse me of having nothing to do.  Ever.

Below is a list of projects that I’m currently working on in one way or another – stories in the works.  Contact me for exerpts or to learn more.

I don’t have Children: I Have Clones.  I will be the first to tell you that I was done having children.  My first two were 14 and 10 and I was half way to home-free. When I told my husband I was pregnant with our third, he looked like someone had died.  When he was told about his fourth, he nearly cried.  But having an older set and a younger set brings a unique set of experiences, especially when the youngers are clones of the olders.  What would you do if you had a second chance at raising your kids? What would you do different?

Genre: Non-Fiction: Parenting/Comedy

Down Right Living: Living with a Child with Down Syndrome According to statistics, 90% of all children with Down syndrome are aborted once their parents learn of their diagnosis. 90 percent.  Why? Fear.  Parents a
re afraid their child and their family will not have the same quality of life when Down syndrome is present.  Down Right Living addresses the concerns of parents, and tells unappologetic, straight forward stories and antedotes about being a parent of a child with Down syndrome.  You will quickly realize that having Ds is no different than any other child.  In many ways, it’s better. Genre: Non-Fiction/Disabilities/Family Life/Inspiration

When Upon Life’s Billows: In the space of 5 years, our family experienced 3 broken legs, 2 deaths, 2 unexpected births, bankruptcy, the loss of a business, the birth of a special needs child, 2 heart surgeries,  our 18-year-old daughter’s mini-stroke, and the near decimation of our marriage and family.  Often people would ask me how I survived. The answer is simple.  It’s all about perspective.

Genre: Non-Fiction/Religious/Inspirational

Voices from the Past: Monte and Barbara are geneologists who have been searching for names nearly 40 years.  After years of frustration, they decide to take a break.  However, their descendants have something else in mind.  Before long, they find themselves haunted by their ancestors – in their sleep, while they’re awake, and everywhere in between.  This thought provoking story delves into the thinness of the veil, and the importance of family history in the present day.  Genre: Non-Fiction: Religion/LDS

Define Normal: Growing up in a family with 10 kids: No one ever accused the Cady kids of being normal.  With 10 little rugrats running around, life proved to be one adventure after another filled with laughter, love, broken bones, and misadventures.  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction!

Genre: non-fiction/family life/comedy.  1154 Words written

Carried Away: Carrie just finished burying her husband and is preparing to drive away when she turns the ignition and only hears clicking.  Forced to call a tow service, she discovers an old flame is the driver assigned to tow her car.  He fixes her vehicle and, somewhere along the line, fixes her heart.  But is this too much too soon?    Genre:  Romance   (2181 words written so far)

Under Her Skin: Kimberly finally made it to her goal weight!  It was a long, torturous process, but well worth the 100+ pounds she lost.  Along the way she fell in love with running and began training for a marathon.  One morning she’s running on a trail in front of a hotel when she’s attacked.  When she wakes up, she discovers that someone from the hotel saw the incident and saved her.  She soon she finds herself falling for her protector, and falling FAST.  With her new-found body, and old insecurities, Kimberly discovers that finding love is not as easy as it seems when you’re battling old demons.  Can she overcome her fears and embrace her new life? Or will the old Kimberly come back to ruin her chances at love?

Genre: Romance

7 Deadly Wins: This is a 7 book series that is in it’s beginning stages of outlining.  It takes 7 of the major reasons why people and/or children are ridiculed or ostracized and turns them into super-hero like attributes that help to save the world or people around the characters.

Genre:  Young Adult Action/Fantasy/Romance  

(414 words of Book 1 written so far)

pexels-photo-107921You Reap What you Sow:    Sophie somehow becomes the grim reaper. People she knows, touches, or even random individuals she comes in contact with begin to die, or have brushes with death. She doesn’t know how or why. Is someone following her? Stalking her?

How long until she finds out? And what can she do to stop all the death?

 Genre:  Young Adult Action/Fantasy/Action

sundress-336590_960_720Brushes with Evil: Don’t tell me you’ve never had brushes with evil. Evil is everywhere. If you think you’ve lived your whole life in this little bubble of innocence and happiness, you’re wrong. You just didn’t notice the wolves in sheep’s clothing – all around you. Circling you, waiting for just the right moment. Picking off your friends and loved ones, one by one. Until there is just you. You and the pack of wolves.

What are you going to do, little lamb?

Genre:  Young Adult Action

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